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Why Innovation is a must:

2016 08 19 PHOTO 00019309As the healthcare landscape quickly advances and changes, our mission is to support pediatricians and providers involved in the care of children, using the necessary tools that enable them to improve the clinical patient care they provide to children and their families and manage their practices efficiently.

This effort is led by Dr. Ashraf Affan, M.D., of Angel Kids Pediatrics, who grew a small practice with a single provider into one of the largest Pediatric practices in Northeast Florida. With six office locations, twenty-two providers comprised of mid-levels and public health professionals, and population of 20,000 patients, Angel Kids Pediatrics has consistently demonstrated excellent quality improvement and cost reductions.  

In preparation of quickly emerging alternative payment models, we intend to share our model and lessons learned with other pediatricians and to accelerate the transformation of pediatric care. We know your pain points and are here to help!

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