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affan420The Pediatric Innovation Center (PIC) was developed by Dr. Ashraf Affan, M.D., President and Founder of "Angel Kids Pediatrics" in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Affan has grown his small practice with a single provider into one of the largest and most prosperous pediatric practices in Northeast Florida. His practice offers six locations that are open seven days a week with twenty-two providers comprised of Pediatricians, Mid-Levels and Public Health Professionals. With a patient population of greater than 20,000, Dr. Affan has consistently demonstrated excellent quality improvement and cost reduction across the board.

Dr. Affan has been practicing medicine for over 25 years, he completed his pediatric residency at the Nassau County Medical Center in New York where he received the Beth Seaton award for Resident of the year in 2001, and served as the Chief Resident in 2002. He has been serving children in his home state of Florida for the majority of those years. However, his dedication to pediatrics did not stop in Florida but continued around the world. After completing his medical degree he worked as a consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO), he assisted other international non-profit agencies in projects aimed at improving the health and well-being of children around the globe, he has led multiple initiatives in support for Breast Feeding awareness and founded a comprehensive online resource assisting breastfeeding mothers nationwide in growing healthy babies.

As a leader in his field Dr. Affan is widely regarded as an intellectual authority in pediatrics, especially in his area of focus, breastfeeding. Beyond his private practice, he has conducted substantial research in the field and has published several papers examining the benefits of breastfeeding with both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the International Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. Dr. Affan's dedication and hard work shows through the many awards he has been given such as the Patient's Choice Award for being one of Florida's favorite physicians, the Performance Sprint Achievement Award, the Bold City Best Award three years in a row for being the Best Pediatric Practice in Jacksonville as well as the Jacksonville's Fast 50 Award, listed in the Jacksonville's Business Journal as being one of Northeast Florida's fastest growing privately held companies.

His extensive experience in healthcare transformation, clinical optimization, Digital Health Implementation, Medical Change Enablement and Healthcare Operational Excellence in the state of Florida has lead him to be the largest Pediatric practice in Northeast Florida.

Dr Affan pro-actively participates in leading roles with US Healthcare organizations and government healthcare initiatives where he assumes vital roles such as:

  • Member of Primary Care Medical Home PCMH Advisory Board for SunShine Health
  • Member of Pediatric Council of PCMH and FCAAP

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