image2After years of demonstrating success with alternative payment models, Dr. Affan decided to share his success, knowledge and expertise  with other Pediatricians in hopes of creating a true professional healthcare community where fellow Pediatricians could ban togther not only to improve the coordination of patient care but also have prosperous practices of their own. 

Dr. Affan partnered with a government grant recipient "Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network" (GLPTN) to be a part of the "Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative" (TCPI). In collaboration with GLPTN, Dr. Affan has formed a network of Pediatricians and other healthcare professionals through out the state of Florida the "Pediatric Innovation Center" (PIC).

PIC's main goal is to have the capability of reaching millions of lives to help transform the delivery of pediatric care across Florida. Many physicians feel overwhelmed with the changes being made throughout the healthcare industry to value-based models. Most feel that their true passion of practicing medicine is being over shadowed by the changes in healthcare. PIC was created to share ideas and prosperous programs with other Pediatricians who are looking to transform their practice, improve quality outcomes and reduce cost. PIC wants to help you not only survive the transition but thrive in the process. Tell me more.





Company Bio: i2i Population Health is revolutionizing clinical data exchange through its award winning PHM platform.  For over 18 years, i2i has demonstrated clinical outcome improvement with over 2,500 U.S. healthcare delivery sites across 36 states, supporting 20+ million lives. In addition, i2i is partnering with many health plans across the country, providing bi-directional connectivity that significantly improves quality and lowers costs. i2i has the largest share of Community Health Centers connected to a clinical data integration platform providing transparency to Payers and Providers, bringing claims and EHR data together.

Company Solution Synopsis:  i2i’s flagship product, i2iTracks®, is PCMH NCQA pre-validated to ignite real-time, proactive care management. i2i’s big-data platform, PopIQ®, delivers cloud-based comparative analytics across multiple sites to provide cross-population views into global PHM. iQlarityTM, i2i’s payer-provider platform, integrates, aggregates and analyzes clinical EHR and health plan data to advance quality outcomes. iQlarity provides the data and tools to create transparency between providers and health plans, which is critical for effective and successful collaboration and alignment. Simply put, health plans will gain data-driven visibility and intelligence to improve the quality of care of their members and maximize reimbursement revenues.


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