Ancillary Services

In the Medical Field there are three services that are primarily used by providers and medical support staff that increase the quality of care for all patients. These services are a large part of what makes a practice Innovative; without two of these important services, a provider and a group would not be able to thrive in the ever changing field of health care. The three services are diagnostic, therapeutic, and custodial.

Custodial services are mainly used in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, so these services do not directly correspond to Pediatric Medicine.
Diagnostic services play a very important role in the world of Pediatric Medicine. One example of a diagnostic service is sending a patient out to get an x-ray or lab work. Without an x-ray, a provider would not be able to conclude that a patient has a sprain or a closed fracture of the bone.

Therapeutic services also play an important role in Pediatric Medicine, but for a very different reason.  Therapeutic services are special because they reduce the number of ED visits, by preventing illnesses and other health related ailments, by better preparing parents and children of the detrimental affects of not getting help when needed

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